Generative Art through Agent Based Simulation

Agent-based simulation

Generative Art



NetLogo Model


to setup
to go ask turtles [ let target one-of out-link-neighbors
if target != nobody [
face target
set pcolor color
let dist distance target
if dist > 1 [fd 1]
endto make-turtles design1endto design1 create-turtles 4 [ set size 2 ]
layout-circle turtles max-pxcor - 1
ask turtle 0 [ set color green create-link-to turtle 1 ]
ask turtle 1 [ set color yellow create-link-to turtle 2]
ask turtle 2 [ set color orange create-link-to turtle 3]
ask turtle 3 [ set color blue create-link-to turtle 0]
endto design2 create-turtles 200 [ set size 4 ]
layout-circle turtles max-pxcor - 1
ask n-of 40 turtles [
create-link-to one-of other turtles [
set color red

Code explained

Art produced from first design

Art produced from second design

Creating better visuals using C

An algorithm designer and developer with a passion of building AI solutions to diverse problems. 2D game designer and developer and an avid lover of nature.

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