The importance of diversity

In an ever competitive market and never ending strong customer expectation for excellent products and services, it is time for all companies to embrace diversity at work and understand the power it generates. Different background and experiences makes people solve problems differently and look at them with a different perspective. When it comes to solving and innovating, a diverse company would be empowered with different attack angles for each problem or hurdle it faces.


Beautiful Ireland

Ireland is a relatively small country with a beautiful countryside. The west coast is simply amazing with stunning beaches and beautiful waves. Go surfing, hiking or simply go back in time and navigate the narrow countryside roads.

Ireland is a hub for big pharmaceuticals and tech giants. You will find interesting work. As a Non-EU, you will need a work permit to work in Ireland. Either study in Ireland and apply for a work permit, get a hosting agreement as a researcher or get a work permit based on critical skills scheme.


There are several types of stamps with different…

Agent-based simulation

Agent-based modelling is a powerful simulation and modelling technique that has experienced a number of applications in recent years, including applications in real-world business problems. The global behavior of a system is the result of local relationships between actors and their local environment. Agents based modelling and simulation is a system of autonomous agents that are relatively simple and follow relatively simple rules of interaction but nonetheless might lead to complex behavior. In this article, we are going to show how can this type of simulation be used to generate art.

Generative Art

Generative art refers to art that is created wholly…


There is a huge demand from companies to collect more and more data. This surge has led companies to forget what can be done with small data and discrete optimisation. The latest advancement in machine learning field has eclipsed other AI domains which are quite powerful in what they can accomplish. In chess for instance, a board has 64 squares and 32 pieces leads to billions of possible combinations and potential strategies to win the game.

Preserve your culture and celebrate other people’s cultures

It is not a melting pot

There is a big misconception about integration. Integrating well with other societies does not mean becoming one melting pot. Feeling pressured to abandon one’s culture and values and become similar to the people around is a big mistake that put an undue pressure to the person trying to settle in. If a society with different cultures become a big melting pot, it loses its beautiful variety. It is said with power comes great responsibility but with variety comes great richness.


One of the nicest and most tolerant multicultural countries who understood the…

Beautiful patterns and colors around the globe.

Chile pristine Patagonia heals the soul

If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful place to relax and reconnect with nature, Patagonia is known as one of the best places in the world for relaxing, hiking, and camping. It is made up of mountains and mountains and people who look forward to the beauty of nature in all its forms: mountains, forests, rivers, lakes, beaches, and mountain slopes. On completely inaccessible roads one can use boats, hikes and boots to explore every part of paradise. …

Elie Abu Madi

Abu Madi was born in the village of Al-Muhaydithah, now part of Bikfaya, Lebanon, on May 15, 1890 to a Greek Orthodox Christian family. At the age of 11 he moved to Alexandria, Egypt where he worked with his uncle.

Translated poem

This poem talks about his severe homesickness

Land of stars I am here                  
Stare. Remember who am I?
Have you seen at the distant past
a mischievous bad boy?
Happily playing in your fields
like a low silent breeze.
The possessions are his game
and things that are not acquired.
He climbs up trees, not boredom
he feels and no weakness…


Gravity locks you in two dimensional world and that is why jumping is so liberating and joyful. It simply let your soul escape for seconds. Kite surfing is the escape from gravity into the universe of GOD. It is essentially a natural force which carry you into a genuinely life changing experience.

In Skerries you see people floating between their spiritual past and the ills of modern life. It is one of the most beautiful and best preserved places in Ireland where you feel that time stood still. …

M Barake

An algorithm designer and developer with a passion of building AI solutions to diverse problems. 2D game designer and developer and an avid lover of nature.

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